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Cosmetologists are trained and licensed to perform cosmetic treatments to the hair, skin, and nails.[2] This can be expanded into multiple parts including cutting and chemically treating hair, chemical hair removal, fashion trends, wigs, nails and skin care, skin and hair analysis; relaxation techniques including head, neck, scalp, hand and feet basic massage and aroma therapies; plus ability to expertly apply makeup applications to cover or promote and can expand into further specialties such as reflexology; theatrical applications; cosmetics and others as listed below.

Hair color specialist[edit]

A hair color specialist, or hair colorist, specializes in the modification of natural hair color utilizing various application methods while using a colorant product from a professional company. In the US, some colorists are qualified through the American Board of Certified Hair Colorists. This designation is used to recognize colorists that have a greater level of competency in the industry through a written exam and a practical exam. A hair color specialist's duties might include, but are not limited to, basic color applications, like covering grey, and lightening or darkening natural hair color. A color specialist is also able to perform corrective color applications and create special effects using foiling techniques or any other advanced color application methods.[citation needed]

Shampoo technician[edit]

A shampoo technician shampoos and conditions a client's hair in preparation for the hair stylist. This is generally an apprentice position and a first step for many just out of cosmetology school.[citation needed]


Aestheticians are licensed professionals who are experts in maintaining and improving skin.[3] An aesthetician's general scope of practice is limited to the epidermis (the outer layer of skin).[4]Aestheticians work in many different environments such as salons, medi-spas, day spas, skin care clinics, and private practices. Aestheticians may also specialize in treatments such as microdermabrasion, microcurrent (also known as non-surgical "face lifts"), cosmetic electrotherapy treatments (galvanic current, high frequency), LED (light-emitting diode) treatments, ultrasound/ultrasonic (low level), and mechanical massage (vacuum and g8 vibratory).[5][6]

An aesthetician may undergo special training for treatments such as laser hair removal, permanent makeup application, light chemical peels, eyelash extensions, and electrology. In the US, aestheticians must be licensed in the state in which they are working and are governed by the cosmetology board requirements of that state. Aestheticians must complete a minimum 260–1500 hours of training and pass both a written and hands-on exam in order to be licensed in a given state.[7] UtahVirginia and Washington are the only states at this time to adopt the Master Esthetician License.[8] Additional post graduate training is sometimes required when specializing in areas such as medical esthetics (working in a doctor's office). Aestheticians work under a dermatologist’s supervision only when employed by the dermatologist's practice. Aestheticians treat a wide variety of skin issues that are cosmetic in nature, such as mild acnehyperpigmentation, and aging skin; therefore, clients with skin disease and disorders are referred to a dermatologist or other medical professional. Aestheticians are also referred to as beauticians within North America.[9]

However, this does not mean that the company should lose its originality. The fact that the Japanese market is of interest does not mean that the other parts of the world have become irrelevant. They are more important than Japan alone. However, the fact is that the views of people around the globe should be actively involved in the determination of the features for a particular product. Nevertheless, conducting this research in Japan can act as a representative of the other consumers, since they are the most advanced. The matter of the fact is that the market outside Japan is more concerned with the views of this country on a certain product. This is the reason as to why analysts based their investigations on Japan, instead of any other market.

Different advertising techniques should also be applied to different markets in the world. This ensures that the right facts are considered in the advertisements. For example, the market outside Japan is not as demanding as Japan itself. This is because the technological advancement is not as developed as that in Japan. Therefore, most of the emphasis can be put on the features that seem ordinary to the Japanese. An ideal example is the emphasis on the fast 3G network. The incorporation of this feature in the advertisement can be of great advantage outside Japan. This is because most of the people find this feature to be fascinating. However, the effect on Japan is counteractive. This is because the Japanese consumers consider it an ordinary feature for any standard phone. Therefore, specific markets and cultures should be allocated specific strategies, with regards to marketing. Factors like a reduction in the prices, incorporation of unique features and consideration of consumer views should be included in the advertisement strategies. This ensures that these consumers are attracted to the particular product. The discussed strategy should not only happen in Japan. Instead, it should take place in all the nations that are of unique cultures, demands and developments (Hawkins et al, 1995). This way, the product of a company is not only able to reach many consumers, but infiltrates all parts of the world and reaches the estimated volume of sales without failure. These are features and activities that cannot work only for the Apple Company, but for all the companies around the globe.


This essay is a clear guideline on the steps that a company should undertake in its quest to become a success. It is an explanation of the factors that a company should take in a bid to satisfy everyone with their products. The marketing strategies that should be incorporated by the company in order to reach consumers from different cultures have also been looked into. This has helped to eliminate the problems that exist for most of the companies in the world, with regards to penetration of the markets in the world. It is a summary on the consumer behaviors in different cultures and how it should be dealt with.

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