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Between 27 BC and 102 AD, in Imperial Rome, women wore their hair in complicated styles: a mass of curls on top, or in rows of waves, drawn back into ringlets or braids. Eventually noblewomen's hairstyles grew so complex that they required daily attention from several slaves and a stylist in order to be maintained. The hair was often lightened using wood ashunslaked lime and sodium bicarbonate, or darkened with copper filings, oak-apples or leeches marinated in wine and vinegar.[12] It was augmented by wigs, hairpieces and pads, and held in place by nets, pins, combs and pomade. Under the Byzantine Empire, noblewomen covered most of their hair with silk caps and pearl nets.[13]

From the time of the Roman Empire[citation needed] until the Middle Ages, most women grew their hair as long as it would naturally grow. It was normally little styled by cutting, as women's hair was tied up on the head and covered on most occasions when outside the home with a snoodkerchief or veil; for an adult woman to wear uncovered and loose hair in the street was often restricted to prostitutes. Braiding and tying the hair was common. In the 16th century, women began to wear their hair in extremely ornate styles, often decorated with pearls, precious stones, ribbons and veils. Women used a technique called "lacing" or "taping," in which cords or ribbons were used to bind the hair around their heads.[14] During this period, most of the hair was braided and hidden under wimples, veils or couvrechefs. In the later half of the 15th century and on into the 16th century a very high hairline on the forehead was considered attractive, and wealthy women frequently plucked out hair at their temples and the napes of their necks, or used depilatory cream to remove it, if it would otherwise be visible at the edges of their hair coverings.[15] Working-class women in this period wore their hair in simple styles.[14]

What IMC approach are you planning?

Speaking about integrated marketing communication approach regarding Posh Salon, it is important to emphasize on importance of advertising. To be more specific, the organization is going to launch a meaningful advertising campaign, which will be focused on the newspapers, magazines and related web resources. Concerning the printed advertisements, it should be noted that they will illustrate the unique hairstyles and other examples of the custom services of the company. It can be explained by the essence of the suggested services, which are easier to demonstrate. Subsequently, the web banners will be designed for placement at the related web resources. By the same token, online promo page and profiles in social networks will be created in order to broaden the target audience of the organization.

What marketing strategies will you use?

With regard to the marketing strategy of Posh Salon, it should be admitted that the organization will be primarily focused on the customer lifelong value. Actually, it can be explained by the following facts. First of all, the need for looking attractive and stylish does not belong to the group of customers' desires, which tend to get "mature" after a particular period. Therefore, the organization will provide 15% discount for regular customers because they comprise 80% of the overall income of the organization (Carpenter & Shankar, 2012, p.108). Thus, all decisions concerning the marketing strategy of the organization will be oriented towards satisfaction of the customers so that they will prefer Posh Salon for a regular attendance. However, it is important to note that the quality of services is supposed to be at the sustainable level during the entire performance of the organization.

What advertising strategies will you use?

As it has been mentioned previously, the organization will launch a meaningful advertising campaign in terms of printed and online media. Speaking about the advertising in newspapers and magazines, it should be noted that it will contain minimum of text and numerous illustrations. Nobody would deny the fact that it is much easier to show a picture instead of describing it with a complicated text. In the similar way, online banners will be designed. As for the promo page, it should be admitted that it has to be designed in accordance with the interior of Posh Salon so that a potential customer can feel the atmosphere of the organization. Still, the informational content is important. Hence, the promo page has to include suggested services, prices, location, contact numbers and links to the social networks, and special offers in case any are available. Another aspect I would like to add, is integrating an app as advertising, this will allow clients to ready reviews, check in, book appointments, and view salon productivity.

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What types of media?

Speaking about types of media in a more specific way, it is to be said that printed and online commercials have been chosen in accordance with target segment of Posh Salon. Newspapers and magazines are usually popular with business people so that the commercials will be placed in the periodicals, which average people from Wall Street usually read. Besides that, thematic magazines will also attract customers, which are particularly interested in a stylish look. As for the online advertising, it is needless to say that the majority of New York City citizens have the access to the Internet. Thus, this media will broaden the customer segment.

Why Did You Choose these Strategies?

All in all, it is important to justify the chosen strategies. As it has been mentioned before, Posh Salon is going to follow a model of customer-driven strategy. As a consequence, all actions regarding performance of the organization are supposed to take into account the customers' considerations. In a like manner, the advertising strategy has been chosen with regard to the customers' satisfaction. To be more precise, the advertising has to inform the customers so that they do not have any questions or hesitations concerning visiting of Posh Salon. Therefore, the advertising has been chosen as the primary means of integrated marketing communication approach. Having described the key points of the marketing strategy, it is necessary to proceed to description mission of Posh Salon mission.

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